hot jukebox (haiga)

Montreal International Fireworks

I could not wait to find a few moments to attempt this prompt  Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #29, "Pop culture references in haiku and senryu". from our host's Ghost Writer, Jen from Blogitorloseit trying to think of some song, a fad, something that could have a hidden meaning within my haiku and then I saw the prompt for Carpe Diem #581, Hanabi (Fireworks).  I started multitasking between phonecalls at work and  surfing YouTube for samples of fireworks from the International Montreal Fireworks we have every summer.  That is held on Saturdays and I got caught many times on the Jacques Cartier Bridge on Wednesday  evenings coming home, forgetting it was that time of year only to be turned back to take the tunnel Louis H. Lafontaine...not my happiest nights nearing midnight.

I will show a small glimpse of only 2 minutes of the fireworks just so you can see from the view of us ordinary citizens watching from the streets, some are on the Jacques Cartier Bridge {which is closed for residents on both sides of the St Lawrence...I live on the South side off the island of Montreal}   and that is the bridge you see illuminated from time to time in some of these shots.

Wasn't that amazing!  It is exciting, romantic and I feel like the child within me is reborn every time I see fireworks. I like this short clip because it shows you folks gathering on streets and on the bridge to view the fireworks.

Now I listened to the other video below a few times to catch the songs. I first chose a video of Japan 2013 which is spectacular and thought it might be appropos for a haiku but then I wanted to honour our host and looked for an entry of the Netherlands but as I was surfing for this, I kept finding many from Italy and thought to myself, well let's have a look and listen to one and see what that's like. When we look from the bridge and parks near the site on Isle Ste-Helène (old home of Expo 1967 Man and His World) we do not hear the music that goes along with the fireworks. There are a few radio channels that air it live so some people will turn that on so we can hear but for me, I enjoy being dazzled by the lights.  In this case, you really had to have the music to appreciate this spectacular show of lights in the skies.  Georgia,  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
After viewing the video, I knew this was perfect for the Pop Culture and Fireworks prompts...and listening was as important as viewing, so this is my attempt...

Great balls of fire
rocking the world,
penny loafers
penny loafers
faint in exaltation
trodden beetles
trodden beetles
flashing love me do’s
no stones unturned
no stones unturned
can’t get no satisfaction,
can’t live without you
blazing heavens stir
flushed face reflects
flushed face reflects
brilliance of explosion,
transient stars
transient stars
dancing suggestively,
children beg on streets
feeding families
feeding families
hope restored, they chant,
“We will survive”!

© Tournesol `14


masked beauty (haiga)


Somber geisha
masks each breath,
inner beauty

inner beauty
hidden element in grooming
of a geisha

© Tournesol '14

I too loved this story, although I fell in love with this character in the book; the movie could not include details that allowed the reader to actually feel, taste, smell and hear her inner beauty.


drum circle (haiku)

First Nation’s People
chant to the drum,
all nations connect
living circles
living circles
within this universe,
all are one
all are one,
listen to the drum

© Tournesol '14

Squamish Nation Pow Wow 2011 FULL REGALIA First Nations Native Dance in Vancouver

nature's drum (haiku)

October skies hang
over billows of grey,
thunder bolts drum


works frantically
tune of robotic drums,

© Tournesol '14


Pine tree (haiku)

dead leaves despair,
life of an evergreen -
pine tree

pine tree
breathes hope and joy
white Christmas

© Tournesol '14

I'm afraid I only had time to see the title of this prompt and thought about a haiku travelling from work tonight. When I read the prompt, I realized I was way off since I did not use the photo as my inspiration.

Carpe Diem Time Glass#6

Thanksgiving (haibun)

© Clr 2014

© Clr 2014

© Clr 2014

burst of colours, spice
this season with pizzazz,
friends and family
© Tournesol '14 

Thanksgiving is a time to host family and friends and share a warm meal together. Eating ( one of my favourite things) is a social event. The preparations are labours of love: setting the table all nice and just right...setting up games and areas for grandchildren to play and maybe offering Halloween loot bag for the kids. Could not wait to have them take away those goodies cos I have been sampling them all week.

I am grateful for many things in my life.  I grew up in a family who loved me and never hesitated to show me or tell me.  My grandmother, mother, Aunt Mae and Uncle Fred who love me like their daughter, my cousin and his wife who hold me in their hearts more like a sister and their son who makes me feel so special; my son  who is turning into a guardian of sorts…looking out for his ol`mom as well as well as my daughter who "gets it". I am grateful for my grandson who came into our lives ten years ago and as of yesterday, I have been blessed with two more grandsons and a great son-in-law. 

I am so blessed with amazing friends near and far but no matter the distance or quantity of time we are together, I never question their love.

I am also  thankful for still having my health to work in a career that fulfills me spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. I feel privileged to be there for many youths who struggle with life and embrace the fact that they trust me and our service to reach out as they do.

I am grateful I met the most compassionate woman through a caring family...a son/poet/blogger who inspired me to write, his mother/blogger/psychotherapist, who facilitated my first retreat with Amma.  There are many paths to get to inspirational and spiritual destinations...indeed!

I'm grateful for my lovely Bette who fits in so beautifully in my life. It`s as if we are kindred BFF (best feline friend).

I am forever thankful to have discovered blogging...writing is wonderful but alone it is not as enriching or inspiring as in a community of amazing people who have embraced me and taught me...and still teach me each day, at WordPress.

Happy Thanksgiving!
© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/10/13


tag you`re it (haiga)

Playing in leaves

Carpe Diem Haiku Family, where we were asked to write a FUN haiku celebrating autumn!

Here is our host’s haiku:

the laughter of children resonates through the park
playing with leaves

© Chèvrefeuille


children squeal
diving on a bed of leaves
tag, you`re it!

(c) Tournesol '14

tainted (haiga)

repugnant conduct
compulsion rules his scruples
robbed innocence 
singing, Farmer-in-the-Dale
naïve to such perversions
self-harm releases
venom from her tainted soul
deflowered teen
(c) Tournesol '14

Photo credits: London Counselling Directory


cheval blanc (shadorma & elfje)

Mindlovemisery'sMenagerie - Bastet's Shadorma Photo Prompt

harps and mandolins
angels stringing
sauntering in harmony
le cheval blanc

cheval blanc
with lovers do prance
ambling in slow circles on
their merry-go-round

fantasy fair
knight courting maiden
wishing I was she


© Tournesol '14

blood moon (haiku)

I wrote this in the wee hours waiting for the skies to clear but no, Mother Nature was in one of her moods not allowing me to peek at the man on that huge Red Blood Moon.   And this haiku was written in hopes to see this...

sky breaks for the night
a meteor shower
toasting blood moon

© Tournesol '14

Oooops forgot to post this here:  Posted for Full Moon Poetry Party


night curtain (haiga)

(c) Clr Full Moon Oct 7'14

curtained puffs
shade the glow of a
full moon
(c) Tournesol '14


flying home (haiga)

© Clr 2014

power-driven fowl,
in rays of a setting sun
flies home

© Tournesol '14

a single sunbeam (Tan Renga challenge)

I love this tan renga challenge. Mark's haiku is beautiful. It can be translated in many interpretations, one of autumn leaves a natural street art...graffiti.

© Clr '14 

 When I see the sun setting on the rooftop at work, I see the sun took centre stage for a long time, is now graciously bowing and allow twilight to take over and the finale nightlife. I can see the lights looking like sparking stars just below the burnt orange well where the sun has dipped for the night.

© Clr '14

I have decided to add my piece both in English and French. Our office building as well as many on our street are tagged with gangs' calligraphy as well as airbrushed art on other buildings.

a single sunbeam
scribling runes on fallen leaves -
autumn graffit     © Mark M. Redfearn

between the colored leaves
the first page of Genesis.    © Chèvrefeuilles

With that in mind, this is my attempt to make Tan Renga complete:
© Clr '14 across the street from the office

© Clr '14 Street art near my office

a single sunbeam
scribling runes on fallen leaves -
autumn graffit     © Mark M. Redfearn

golden star whispers goodnight,
street gangs prepare their night art  © Tournesol

le soleil chou hotte bonne nuit

bandes de nuit préparent leurs arts   © Tournesol


uncertain sky (haiga)

© Clr 2014
uncertain sky,
hunting for autumn colours
© Tournesol '14

mating call (haiga)

© ChevrefeuilleCarpeDiem - Veranda 2014

love has no bounds
despite the blazing heat,
cicada sings 
gasping silence
broken, cicada
flicks her wing
© Tournesol '14

More info on Cicadas here

beyond words (haiga)

© Clr '14 Beauty beyond words


on autumn paths,

one comes across beauty

beyond words 

© Tournesol '14


hush of the night (haiku)

mushi no ne ya yo fukete shizumu ishi no naka

 the insects' chirp
as night deepens
sinks into the stones

© Shiba Sonome
shizukasa ya iwa ni shimi-iru semi no koe
lonely silence,
a single cicada's cry
sinking into stone
© Basho
semino uta mangetsuno hikarino nakade shimetta kirameku koishi
shimmering pebble
wetted in the light of the full moon -
a cicada's song
© Yozakura 
hot summernight
cooling down in the old pond
the sound of mosquitos
© Chèvrefeuille
How can one do justice to these haiku?  To feel them  to hear them  to see them and to read them...are a privilege. It's an experience and then I read a few offerings from CP poets. Again, I'm swept off my feet and struggle wondering how I can contribute and so I put myself in a moment in time, by the lake.

soft ripple,
tiny pebble on
moonlit waters
soft ripple
hush of the night,

give her back the night (senryû)

embraces the dark,
drowns in the sulking
common bedfellows
moaning the night 
wearing night,
sleeps not alone with
moody blues
 a blinding glow
an empty star soon
steals the night
© Tournesol '14
Ray Charles - Blues before Sunrise


Nature's paradox (haiga)

© C.L.R.

final act
melded hues
scent of death
rotting foliage
exit with a bang
lie in wait
darkness shades the bed

coverlet of snow

© Tournesol '14

family (haiku)

Children popins are blessed surprises that end my day in such way I burst with joy. 

after school visit
laced with treasured

© Tournesol '14

spearflower (haiga)

Black bird feeding on berries

black bird
sings Happy New Year
mouth full
hare on fresh snow
tippy toes

© Tournesol '14

CP 575 Spearflower


new day (senryû)

new day
sun peeks
curtain sways

embraces duvet
inhales reveries
fleeing  reality.

swaddles essence,
babe in arms

© Tournesol '14

bee's scent (haiga)

© C.L.R. 2014

despite workplace file,
yields and melts in the fire,
perfume stirs the bee

© Tournesol '14

Write a haiku with 3 randomly chosen words.
I found file, fire, perfume at Creativity Games



sudden loss

tsunami  shocks,
scores of full moons, waves roll
in tender mourning

following calmer orbits
briny water settles

barely a ripple
mirroring what was,
precious memory

© Tournesol '14

uninvited guest (haiku)

Old woman shrieks
cat sits by cellar door
gnawing guest
© Tournesol '14