hush of the night (haiku)

mushi no ne ya yo fukete shizumu ishi no naka

 the insects' chirp
as night deepens
sinks into the stones

© Shiba Sonome
shizukasa ya iwa ni shimi-iru semi no koe
lonely silence,
a single cicada's cry
sinking into stone
© Basho
semino uta mangetsuno hikarino nakade shimetta kirameku koishi
shimmering pebble
wetted in the light of the full moon -
a cicada's song
© Yozakura 
hot summernight
cooling down in the old pond
the sound of mosquitos
© Chèvrefeuille
How can one do justice to these haiku?  To feel them  to hear them  to see them and to read them...are a privilege. It's an experience and then I read a few offerings from CP poets. Again, I'm swept off my feet and struggle wondering how I can contribute and so I put myself in a moment in time, by the lake.

soft ripple,
tiny pebble on
moonlit waters
soft ripple
hush of the night,


  1. I really like them both -- but your second is so much stronger -- is it the ripple sipping the lake? the night sipping the lake? the silence sipping the lake? I like the mystery ---

  2. sips the lake was my favourite line...and I'll let you guess...depending from one day or night to the next I might interpret either one. Thanks so much...can you believe I spent 4 hours just one two prompts!


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