Full Circle (CarpeDiemHaikuKai Special#1)

Cherry Trees/High Park © Sara Desjardins Photography
©  High Park Cherry Trees
High Park’s cherry trees
  blossoming midst rustling leaves
  spilling a soft breeze.
summer solstice looms
lovers kiss on moonlit beach
make love thru the night.
lovers’ departure
last rendezvous’ send-off,
magic mushrooms
pine tree icicles
blizzard warnings outside
threaten fireworks.
©  Tournesol
Vancouver's Stanley Park is well known for their Cherry trees that were given as a gift from Japan but Toronto, High Park hosts also such a gift from Japan in 1959, having received 2000 trees. Check here, for the History of Sakura; Sakura Hanami is the Japanese translation for cherry blossom viewing or flower viewing. Click here to see the Sakura Watch at High Park 2014. The photos are exquisite!
Submitted for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Special - Full Circle #1 where you have to use each work per LINE of a series of 4 haiku.
1. cherry
2. leaves
3. breeze
4. solstice
5. beach
6. love
7. departure
8. moon
9. mushrooms
10. icicles
11. blizzard
12. fireworks

for example of the first 3 words:

cherry blossoms bloom
between the young leaves -
the warm breeze

© Chèvrefeuille

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