Summer Delights (haibun)

I am still off line.  I do miss reading my friends who write so beautifully and inspire me.But for summer, it is not a bad gives me time to savour summer...sit in a park and just soak up the entire moment, trees, flowers, children playing, lovers sitting side by side with glazed eyes...

summer love
 painfully overrated
September blues.
summer’s breeze
forsake unrequited love
nakedness sighs
I do miss walking along an ocean beach.  We are only a six-hour drive from Old Orchard, Maine and lately I have been reminiscing about times I went camping there as a teenager with my parents.   I also enjoyed vacations as an adult with my husband in Prince Edward Island at Twin felt like we owned the beach it was so secluded and quiet.  I enjoyed lobsters camping and come to think of it, I have never eaten lobster in a restaurant...only camping.
ocean salt air
savouring lobster tails
melted butter dips
low tide at twilight
moon beams guide the way
skinny dipping
A few nights ago, I was surprised to hear the crickets calling since I don't live in the country and it was near the bus terminal but I suppose they had to warn us of the hot muggy night we were having. Thank you very much, crickets, my body felt it just fine!
But it did remind me of times sitting out on our porch at our first home, the children in bed surrounded by three mountains (not huge ones, mind you, but still...)
crickets’ night concert
fanning on moonlit porch
hum the blues
Last week I enjoyed my first campfire in a long time. I usually sit out at my cousin`s backyard summers when I visit his family in Oakville.  So it was a lovely treat to sit outside with my son and his two dogs, Heidi is a German Shepherd and Maya is a Golden...both are adorable.  I've posted them in the past when pet sitting.
backyard fire
bowing to a busy day
toasting marshmallows
Now a wood`s party is something I never really experienced but I know that many teenagers do...
(c) Clr - Tournesol
(c) Clr - Tournesol '14
wood’s bonfire
strumming a guitar
smoking weed
night extends
shrill of harmonica
honky-tonk blues
(c) Clr - Tournesol
(c) Clr - Tournesol '14
croon sleepily
red embers smother
German Shepherd snores.
What a treat to be sipping my cappucinno with WiFi and blogging.

(c) Tournesol '14-07-26

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