Day's End (haiga) Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Buson, #525

Day’s end (haiga) CPHK #525

I had no clue what to write for this prompt. Then I recalled a photo I took last night at my friend’s house in the country.
© Tournesol '14
© Tournesol ’14
Under the cedars
gathering of the crows
before sun bows.
© Tournesol '14
© Tournesol ’14
before the sun bows
birds’ jamboree
then take flight.
© Tournesol ‘ 14/07/27


  1. Dear Sunflower,

    I was looking for your piece for CD 524 - as you had read my submission.
    Instead I read several other of your posts here including this one.

    The sun being gracious enough to bow... a comforting thought :)
    That celestial bodies could honor each other. Knowing, or even unknowing of the life (on earth), or turmoil of gasses (solar flares etc) that each possesses.

    1. Thank you for you rmost kind words. I did not feel capable of submitting to 524 something worthy. I am still learning ...I am pleased you did enjoy my other posts. This blog is squeaky new, trying to slowly transfer only my short form poems to this blog from Still shopping for internet services...hope to have it all transferred by the Fall. Tournesol


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