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Hello World - Bonjour le monde! 

I had started this blog several years ago, not really knowing what I wanted to do. I wanted to write because I love writing.  I also wanted to make a statement about some important issues like mental health, racism, bullying and much more. Well, in the interim, I discovered WordPress and ended up opening three blogs there.

One I do get on my soapbox and beat on my chest at StopTheStigma

One where I share thoughts, reflections and lately have been trying out poetry and short stories at

Cher Shares and the last one simply describes the work I do and services I offer at NtouchAlecoute

In the past few months, I have been writing more haiku and truly enjoy this form as well as tanka, tilus and shadorma.  Of course I am a mere amateur {boy do I have a lot to learn} and I've noticed following a few prompts that many participants and amazing poets are on blogger.  So, {I am a bit long winded, I know, but I'm getting to the point of this psot}, I will be copying some of my short form poems here and hopefully I will be able to follow other great poets on blogger, so I can get these alerts in my mailbox. 

So on that note, I leave you and invite to drop by from time to time. I may not be as consistent on this blog as I am on Cher Shares but perhaps in time I will be more regular in my postings.

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