Mother Nature Knows Best (Haibun)

My bare feet tickled by the coolness of the grass as I stood to admire the full moon. Today is the last day. It is at its fullest but, alas, there are clouds.  One can see why Mother Nature planned this for such simple beings as we are, how could we possibly grasp such a powerful and illuminating moon?  Yes, indeed, Mother Nature understood fully that part of this glow had to be draped by billows here and there.

The energy I inhaled looking up was quite imposing.  I took in only what I could…Mother Nature knows best.

© C.L.R. 2014

grey drapes
shade some of its magnitude
full moon

© Tournesol '14
© C.L.R. 2014

full moon
breathing energy in your
commanding presence.

© Tournesol '14

Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/09/09

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