Aham (haibun)

© C.L.R. 2014

The daisy is my favourite flower. It is a simple and modest flower.  It is a mixture of contradictions as well, with strength and sturdiness, standing independent and tall.  The many petals representing so many facets of a personality and yet, hidden beneath are rows of yet to be discovered unknown faces.

I heard somewhere, years ago, that the daisy was too proud, always trying to ‘show up’ among other flora. So the Great Spirit sent the daisy out alone in meadows and obscure places to flourish. Ah, but the daisy still did. 

I think it was not that the daisy wanted to show off its beauty but rather to show off its durability, its strength and tenacity.  The determination required to flourish even out in vacant fields facing all sorts of weather…tells me that is a strong personality.

Alas, where there is strength, there is an expectation that is will last forever…it wanes with time, with age. The stems are no longer as sturdy to carry the flower and the petals start to wilt, slowly falling one by one…the daisy needs a rod or staff on which to lean. Will this proud stubborn daisy ever ask for support ?

spirited daisy
reaching for the sky
vanity wins

Mother Nature’s cruel wit
reality wins

sagging stem
no staff in sight, finally
humility rules

The price of  humility is mindfulness leaning for acceptance.

marguerite animée
levée vers le ciel
vanité triomphe

esprit cruel, mère nature
vérité triomphe

tige accroupie
aucun soutien, enfin
humilité règne

© Tournesol '14

Aham is a Hindu word for ego or pride.

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  1. Brava ... I enjoyed this haibun and the story which I'd never heard before. A font of reflection. Merci!

    1. Bienvenue, ma chère! un bon moment de réflèxion.

  2. I loved this Cheryl Lynn the way you've personified and elucidated the daisy's character and the haiku were gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Yves, so happy you enjoyed it...for over 25 years, this has been my thinking of the daisy.

  3. I have not heard that story of the Daisy. I can see how it can relate well to the human spirit. I like what you have done here. We as humans think we can do it all, relying on none and yet do we ever see a single daisy?

    All the best ~Jules (I played this prompt late).

    1. Thank you so much, late is good, it is like finding extra Smarties in the box:)


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