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I do enjoy the weather this time of year.  I usually love to walk in parks and when I have a chance to visit my friend in Bromont, I love to walk along the fields.  My only problem is my allergy to ragweed and this is the worst allergy season unfortunately until the first frost. In Montreal and surrounding areas, it is actually illegal to have ragweed growing on anyone's property. So owners of large acres of open meadows are fined IF that weed is noticed.  It works in part but it is difficult to police everywhere.  At least the government tries to maintain the grassland along highways.

When I used to drive to Toronto, ( 6 hour drive) with open windows my eyes would water so much and my sinuses clog...even if I took medication.  Times like this you need to have air conditioning in your vehicle or open just the sunroof open.

So it is with mix emotions I almost can't wait for that first frost usually towards the mid to end of October, so I can reduce my allergy medication. I say reduce only because dust and many perfumed products affect me all year round.

So here is to cooler weather so we can sleep better nights with the window slightly open and eat good sweet corn. 

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cooler weather
pleasant walks near corn fields
nasty ragweed

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Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/09/09


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