weaving deams (haibun)

© C.L.R. '14 Wishes do come true
Everyone should have dreams and when they are met, then we need to add more.  It is what adds life and spice to our lives.  As a very young child I dreamt of being an actress like Marilyn Monroe driving around in a red flamed Cadillac …HA!  

Then I wanted to be a nun or nurse when I was in elementary school. My grandmother was a mid-wife but to me she was a nurse. Then I realized I could not stand the sight of blood and all I wanted to do was hold patients’ hands and comfort them.  Ah, so that was a counsellor or social workers. 
Teaching was also another dream, so  I wavered between counsellor and teacher. Going to university would have taken a long time and cost money which  mom did not have, but I got a scholarship for a secretarial college and married young, had children which was  a huge part of my dream!!   So this other dream was on hold, simmering always at the back of my mind.    During the years I was home until the children were in school I dabbled a bit in writing, another dream I had growing up. I used to fantasize typing my novel in the attic of an ocean side house. 
I did eventually work in homecare as a person support worker, and eventually got my degree to work in counselling.  There were roadblocks alright!   I managed to work in a private school for five years (so I guess the teacher dream came to fruition).  But then I met some stumbling blocks.  It was difficult finding work in my location after the teaching position closed; but I was determined to have my degree recognized and work in a career I had been dreaming of for over 25 years. Moving  600 km away was the answer in attaining my dreams.  Sometimes we get tested as to just how important it is to achieve a dream…so working further away for a decade allowed me to fulfill my dream and come back home with substantial and marketable experience.  I was able to continue working in a career I love. 

Going back to university as an older adult with life experience was the best thing for me in order to succeed and become the counsellor I am today.   

March 2013 I started writing just to get things off of my chest or stand on my soapbox about issues important to me such as mental health. And then I dared write a poem here and there and discovered it was very therapeutic.  It was as if my muse kept me company when I was at two extremes…very happy or in extreme pain both physically and emotionally.  Now I write daily out of passion for the written word.  I still have dreams like volunteering to find more resources for people suffering with mental illness and their friends and family…I’m working on it…hopefully I will find more time for that and painting and drawing...I would love to be able to draw the images in my mind that match the poetry I write.

Someday I would like to publish some of my poetry to give to my children, a genre of legacy.

weaving patterns
life spins with staggered threads
tapestry of dreams
© Tournesol '14
Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/09/23

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