autumn melody (haibun)

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I felt energized walking to the bus today with the warm sun.  Imagine walking September 25th in a sleeveless shirt and jeans.  Yes, indeed, it was so warm, I had to put my hair up in a bun, the sun was so hot on my neck.  I had checked the forecast before leaving and felt encouraged to see that mid 20C was expected until Sunday. Today was my last day of my work week since I have Friday and Saturday off.  So off I marched to the bus in good spirits.

summer heat
yet autumn wind
blew fallen leaves

Ah but when I passed a row of trees, my feet touched a precious season’s gift.  I slowed my pace to hear the sound that pleased my ears.  Within a few seconds, I was a ten year old walking to school  hearing the crunch under my feet observing the lawns covered with reds, amber and shades of gold and yellow.  Fast-forwarding in my reverie I was jumping in a large pile of leaves, making my crunch, autumn bed...last  play before the ground will freeze...until I will lay on a white blanket making snow angels...but not quite yet...

walking through autumn treasures
crunch of fallen leaves 
crunch of fallen leaves
season`s new sonata
music to my ears
(c) Tournesol '14
Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #570 Fallen leaves

Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts 2014/09/26


  1. Wonderful images conjured by your verses. And children seem to just excel at appreciating the leafy landscape of fall.

    1. It allows Nana`s like me to go back in time and for parents to play with their children, pretending it is for them ;)

  2. A lovely haibun, Cheryl Lynn. I love traveling with you. :)

  3. Thank you, I love the company:)


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