Isle of Chrysanthemum (haibun)

At Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #22, Odilon an artist for your inspiration, Jen from Blogitorlose it inspires us with a beautiful painting from her favourite artist.  I was quite pleased to be acquainted with this new artist,Odilon Redon (1840-1916) .  This artist created in order to "inspire" people. Well his painting certainly did inspire my muse.

What I especially loved about this prompt, Jen, asks us questions to help guide us through a visualization. I could see 2 adults and a child actually.  I may have taken my imagination a bit too far, perhaps, for I started jotting down notes to really get into it and to tell a story (Kamishibai) and create a haibun.

Odilon Flower Clouds

The breeze was just a whisper, the sails required more wind;  beads of perspiration run down the side of his face, his throat was dry.  Where were they?  They could not  see the shore.  His wife tries to show a brave smile to their  son but Thomas is so smart…he feels their restlessness.
A wild dolphin floated around the boat, around and around…intermittently bobbing his head,  spinning his body, shrieking “Don’t worry, don’t worry”; the dolphin realized that humans do not understand.  "They never knew how to listen,"  he thought.
The clouds started to disperse, making way to a fairy-tale sunset painting the sky pastel colours. 
“Such a waste to see such beauty when we are worried about the end of the day when darkness will visit us and what if the winds pick up and we have no clue where to steer the boat?”thought the captain.
A  dove perched at the helm and the captain began to smile, knowing that land was not too far…if only there was a bit more wind to fill the sails and take his family safely to shore.
Suddenly the dolphin started showing off, doing head-over tail spins with splashing gusto and clicks and squeals;  it would swim several metres towards the shore intimating “this is the direction! Listen up humans!”  Finally the captain got it!
Turning starboard, the sails filled just enough and within an hour they arrived at the Isle of Chrysanthemum.

wind whispers
steering starboard, sails tense
tail slap, splash

© Tournesol ' 14

Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/08/21


  1. And a fine haibun it is. Part of that being aware and in the moment - listening to nature... like grandparents might do when introducing the back yard to the grandchild that they can still carry on their hip. And say to them ...; "See Little Miss. See the Monarch butterfly".

    And perhaps it did just happen that way...And her grandmother does what she does best and writes a little tale about it :)

  2. Thank you so much, Jules!! I can picture you with grandkid on your hip, leaning a bit forward to show that butterly:) Lovely image. they grow so fast...I only have one and he just turned 10! My son has 7 yr old GermanShepherd Mix...2 girls:) a Nana takes what she can get (chuckles)


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