Life as you see it (senryû)

Life as you see it
may not be in my
line of vision.
don’t see eye to eye
differences of opinion
just a different lens
why must you argue
over and over and
over again?
wars have erupted
for far much more
and much less
what are you waiting for?
mediate for peace now
love, hate, greed
trigger some form of hell
we can all avoid.
© Clr - Tournesol `14/08/17


  1. You've said it Tournesol! There is no political will from those who can make a difference. Greed comes in as a bad variable that throws off all sane reasoning. One feels angry but helpless. Great write!


  2. Thanks, Hank, for your kind words. We do bump into these obstacles throughout life but as we get older hopefully we realize we don't have to kiss them.


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