Mother Nature's loom (tanka-American sentence)

This is a prompt I missed due to lack of time but I keep rereading it and it spoke to me. Our host wrote such a beautiful piece relating to Life being a Tapestry and it is quite meaningful and insightful, so I am sharing it here:

Life is like a tapestry by Chèvrefeuille, August 18, 2014

The creation of a tapestry starts at the beginning with an empty weaving loom. The weaver sits in front of it and meditates and contemplates about what he/she would like to create. Is it just a piece of art-work or does it have meaning? It doesn’t really matter. The weaving technique is the same (I think), but the result can be so much different. After he/she has decided what to make he/she will make a sketch and decides which colours, which material and which technique will be used.
Than he/she starts to create his/her tapestry and while looking at that process one can see how the tapestry becomes as was the idea … the colours are coming together making patterns, creatures, flowers and so on are becoming real … at the end the weaver sits back looks at his/her work and will smile, maybe will applaud and yell “eureka!” Another wonderful tapestry has been created and can be sold … or just put on the wall at their home. 

Chèvrefeuille goes on to say:

I think that our lives can be compared with a tapestry. As we are born the Weaver (God or Higher Self) starts his work with us. He looks at us and sees our future already, but he doesn’t know how our path would be going … which decisions we make … say ‘karma’ … The Weaver cannot interfere in our life. We are making our own mistakes, making the wrong decisions and so on. But … the Weaver has an idea about our lives. He has a design in mind for us and that design he starts weaving on his weaving loom.  © Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem #542 Tapestry

I have added a photo that I took last Fall that felt like a "moment of grace" when I witnessed such beauty. I was driving East to visit my mother at the nursing home and had to stop the car off the highway and find a side street in a tiny village to catch this for I knew I would lose that sky by the time I reached my mother`s town.
© C.L.R. October Masterpiece '13

Mother Nature’s loom.


toiling with patience
a chef d’oeurvre was created
muse des beaux arts
etched meticulously
ages before the Big Bang

(An American sentence) 

Trees stood in reverence at a masterpiece woven with magenta threads.

© Tournesol '14

Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2014/08/24

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