Ramblings on life (haiga)

© Tournesol '14


hot muggy day
spider finds a cool safe place
took a bubble bath

August sailing
gusty winds tense the jib
crow kissed a windshield

fly fidgets
buzzes around his arm.

spider spins
all night long diligently

children's park
swings, teeter totters, slides
barbarian invasion

children giggling
bright coloured kites catch the sun
string floats silently

(free verse)

If I were an insect,
who knows how my life would end?
if I were a bird,

who knows how the wind would blow?

if I were a child living in the wrong part of the world,
who knows when my life would end?
life is a gift for some,
a puzzle for so many,
an affliction for too many...

© Tournesol '14

© Tournesol '14

© Tournesol '14

© Tournesol '14

however life lends
may be a mystery
black and white blends
interesting and dreary
I can always count
on rivers to flow,
the sun to glow
sunsets sublime
 the moon to shine.

© Touronesol, 2014/08/12

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