Paradise (haibun)

Paradise means so many different things to so many different cultures and spiritual beliefs.  I was raised to believe that you died and if you were just “good” you would go to purgatory for a while. Sort of like going to the laundry mat of souls. Then if they could get out all those sins out of your soul, you went up to the pearly gates where St-Peter welcomed you.

If you were bad, you went to hell and burned. I could never understand that part. How can a just, loving, fair, higher power let you burn in hell forever?

So I changed my views slightly when I was about twelve.  Eve did not sin; Adam just loved her and acted out of love, so what?!  That meant I and everyone else was not born with original sin. Give me a break!   

And when you died if you were really evil, you went to purgotary to that laundry mat for a while. If you were too tainted, well, you just had to recycle that soul and come back and try harder on earth again. You had to go through your own “hell” on earth.

If I am real good, my GrandPapa will be waiting at the pearly gates and my GrandMaman will have the table set with un repas gastronomique with mon oncle Normand and tantes Suzanne et Patricia.  Not sure if my dad will be there…he may still be at that laundry mat.
Since there are so many variances, I decided to write what paradise is to me here on earth...

(c) Clr '14

   her face glows
they kiss and say goodbye to
brother and sister
teasing and laughing,
Mother’s paradise. 
weeks of waiting
test and weeks of treatments
cancer free 
family picnic
lush August garden
(c) Clr '14
(c) Tournesol '14

Submitted for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #538 Paradise






  1. All wonderful visions of paradise! :D

  2. Thanks, hon, I wrote another one...I'm on a role...haha

  3. How true that our perceptions change from what others would like us to believe. May you continue to keep rolling on the role of being creative poet and artist ~

    I did not post for the paradise prompt, but did the Sparking Stars 1 instead. :)

    1. Thank you, Jules, I just did the Sparling Stars...shall check yours soon.

  4. You probably could have filled your page, and then some, with ten thousand different images of paradise!

    Sometimes Paradise

  5. to be free of cancer is a form of paradise to be sure...

    1. Yes, I can only imagine a few of my friends are almost out of the woods...

  6. The paradise has to found on earth I think..

    all other things are merely something we cannot grasp..

    1. I think you`re right...we have to inhale certain moments and hold our breath a moment

  7. Replies
    1. So true,,,I think those who know even less perhaps lose hope


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