Luminescence (Tan Renga Challenge #46 Jamie Wieland's "the glow of the dawn")

The challenge today is to create a Tan Renga to Jamie Wieland's haiku, "the glow of the dawn". I first saw this prompt when reading Jen’s from Blogitorloseit and was so amazed at our host’s offering as well as Jen’s; their striking differences makes the challenge inspiring and motivating.  I encourage you to read the many offerings for they are all unique and thought provoking, just click here.  That is what is so exceptional about adding a tan renga.  The goal is to complete the meaning/essence of the haiku to make a tanka. 

The first image that comes to mind when I see the word Dove or see a photo is my mother.  Her name is Colombe which is dove in French.

The rising dawn brought such a vivid image of something else however; when my grandfather died at his home, I was there.  Surrounding his bed in my grandparents’ bedroom were all his 7 children kneeling and my grandmother praying for him. My mother was there, of course and I tiptoed near the bedroom door to have a peak for I was very close to GrandPapa. That was the year my sister, mother and I moved in with them for a year.  I used to sit near his bedside holding his hand and whining that he gets better so we could play.  I had no concept at six years old what terminal cancer meant, only that it was making the best father that I ever knew, weak and unable to play with me.  He always smiled faintly and would whisper, “Tout à l’heure, ma poule, tantôt.”

I managed to poke my head enough so Grandpapa saw me with a facecloth on his forehead, in the center of the double bed, propped up on pillows; I was sad seeing my mother crying but then, he smiled at me, just seconds before everyone shooed me out.

Later I overheard my aunts and uncles saying that just before he passed, he smiled and said, “Oh, que c’est beau! La lumière blanche…que c’est beau!.”  His smile and that phrase has always comforted me for years.

This is the haiku to inspire you to write a tan renga.

as a white dove lands
words unspoken yet knowing-
the glow of the dawn

© Jamie Wieland

Our host’s offering:

as a white dove lands
words unspoken yet knowing-
the glow of the dawn                                    (Jamie)

starting a life together
newly weds ... exchanging their vows            (Chèvrefeuille) 

as a white dove lands
words unspoken yet knowing-
the glow of the dawn                                                     (Jamie)
luminescence enchants
smiles, crossing over                                                      (Tournesol)

© Tournesol '14/08/09


  1. Beautiful. You captured exactly the message I hope to convey with this Haiku. Thank you for contributing and sharing. : )

    1. I did?!! Well, I am very pleased about that. The connections were way too powerful for me NOT to relate to this meaning. Thanks so much, Jamie!

  2. I love this.. we all want that luminescence

  3. Yes, I sure do, he never fought the inevitable and left smiling. What an improtant message he left us all:)


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