masks we wear (haibun)

Masque Venise

Masks we wear

Years ago, working in home-care, I cried for patients who had become my friend...saying goodbye was the hardest. Sometimes I had given a patient a bath and got to the office to learn he had died.  Working those two years I felt like a daisy. Every death a petal fell, I had to leave for my flower was slowly dying.  A colleague, however, told me to encourage me, "Just think of the fan club that awaits you when your time will come!"

We all wear masks at some time in our daily lives. At work I appear strong, confident and even cheerful at times. I joke about love and lifetoo.  Callers on our youth-line, suffering abuse tear my heart in pieces but being a seasoned employee, I rarely show “mon moi”.  I vent in my writing, cry with my words and my keyboard has been drenched many times with tears.  But we do what we must do, right?  This prompt made me think of how many “pretend” to be happy, strong and content.

And then I thought of people who struggle with violence, poverty, confusion and sexual abuse

mothers comfort,
always smile despite bruises,
try filling pantries.

fathers show strength
hardy,brave, work tirelessly
tears stain their pillows

sexual orientation
straight safe veneer
closet mask

teen giggles
listening to rock and roll
sleepless with fear

sleepless with fear
twilight visits with moonbeams
lust crazed adult.

© Tournesol 2014


  1. Very emotional. Powerful train of thought. Oh that number captcha! so long to get right!

  2. Oh dear, yes, perhaps I shall remove that...I find it difficult...I put it on audio and still don't get it. Thank you ...thought it was just me that was blind! Glad you enjoyed this series

  3. wonderful haibun

    your prose and verse brightly illuminate each other


    1. Ah thank you so much for your kind words:)

  4. I always look forward to your word.. so very raw and full of life.. despite all the horrors I can but think of life.

    1. thanks, I think ;) I do tend to write about biting realities sometimes.

  5. I don't know what I can say here that hasn't already been said -- so -- I'm sending hugs!

    1. Oh how I love hugs...holding on real tight...our hugs here last a long time:) Thank you, Jen.

    2. Very welcome! :D

  6. One may put up with sadness most times but it is very necessary! Great write Tournesol!


    1. Thanks, Hank, yes, I agree that sadness permits to appreciate the happier times too.


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