Persimmons (Haiku Shuukan #16)

I never heard of Persimmons before until this prompt.
Shiki apparently was also fond of Persimmons:

sanzen no haiku wo kemishi kaki futatsu

having examined
three thousand haiku poems –
two persimmons
© Shiki (1897)

kaki bakari narabeshi Suma no komise kara

only persimmons --
small store in Suma
© Shiki (1895)

After reading Georgia’s offering to this prompt, I was interested in reading her post. What a joy to read and see the photos she added of these fruit trees that grow in northern Italy as well as in Japan. Chèvrefeuille has certainly given us a challenging prompt.

At first I thought of not being capable of writing anything but Georgia’s lovely introduction describing Italy’s fruit trees and how these fruits do not conserve as well as our apples , I am piggybacking a bit on her story (hope that’s okay, Cara) and her photos that inspired me to write this:

over abundance of fruit
rot on lawns
rot on lawns
birds fill their bellies
Persimmons fruit
Persimmons fruit
gaudy orangey red
savour the sweetness
© Tournesol 2014/08/02


  1. Really liked this!
    I imagine the smell of the persimmons would be overpowering wouldn't it? But quite a feast for the bees and birds, right?

    1. Thank you, so glad you liked it. Would also be good for insects...well everyone would have a feast.

  2. Sometimes we must enjoy the fruits only in their season...

    This is lovely and reminds me of this piece that I wrote:

    Which I wrote when visiting California in June. I wonder why the fruit doesn't preserve well... I'll have to go look and see Georgia's post again.


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