summer leaves (haiga) l'été s'absente

© Clr' 13
summer leaves
trees proudly stand
leaves shelter parks and gardens
for one season
trees proudly stand
exit in concert
shedding handsome hues
trees proudly stand
embracing broken hearts
shedding tears
© Tournesol '14
l'été s'absente 
les arbres demeurent dignes
parrainent les parcs et jardins
pour une saison
les arbres demeurent dignes
terminant en concert   
versant teintes gracieuses
les arbres demeurent dignes
embrassant des cœurs brisés
versant des larmes
© Tournesol '14


  1. Trees are natural homes, their bark walls absorbing so much.
    Hopefully some of the laughter of the warmer season to keep the chill of winter at from creeping to their core.

    I'm not sure how crickets came to be likened playing violins, when it is their hind legs rubbing against each other that produces the noise we hear.

  2. Do crickets play violin? Well, the ones i heard tonight sure didn`t but then again I was in the city...maybe they are not as cultured:)


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