Mirror (Haiga)

(c) Clr - Looking in the mirror '14
I can see me smiling
mirrored in their face
curse or G-d’s joke
reflection says I am so old
ignores inner child
(c) Tournesol
Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts '14/08/17


  1. Mirror mirror...
    We are as "fair" as we want to be.
    Enjoy being you!

  2. Lovely verse! I do enjoy me but love me best from what I feel I am:) I work with colleagues of an average age of 25 and yes, I do see them smiling when I talk, so that tells me they see the fair person too:)

  3. That moment ... Looking in the mirror and wondering about the grsy-haired person staring back -- beginning not to like mirrors! Hang on to the youth inside. :)

    1. Well my hair is fine for I colour my "wise roots", being the daughter of a hairstylist. My mom coloured my grandmother's hair until she was 90. I am waiting for it to be more salt than pepper, then I will hve long silver braids:) but I do feel like a kid still, working with youths helps:)


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